Fiddling about while Detroit burns

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fiddling about while Detroit burns

"Fiddle about   Fiddle about   Fiddle about!"
– John Entwistle, Uncle Ernie

Detroit City Council spends time weighing in on Zimmerman case, puts Motor City issues on back burner

"Detroit's City Council has come under fire for spending time this week writing, voting and passing a resolution supporting a federal investigation into George Zimmer­man instead of focusing on its own financial blunders and ballooning crime rate.

The unanimous vote by the members of the Detroit council on a crime that took place six states and hundreds of miles away came just two days after the Motor City's latest gun-related death – its 176th homicide of the year."

Yup, that works... resolves the municipal bankrupty issue and eradicates gun violence in one fell swoop!

Emperor Nero, meet the Detroit City Council.


1. Ray Overton said...

Always easier to comment on someone else's situation than it is to look in the mirror, accept and deal with your own.

It also provides a pretty good insight into how they went bankrupt in the first place.

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