<i>Vos Iz Neias?</i>

Friday, July 26, 2013

Vos Iz Neias?

OtBB'll tell you "what's news!" The Rabbi is blowing smoke up his own backside again, iz neias, according to "the Voice of the Orthodox Jewish Community," cannibalizing a story from Wednesday's New York Times:

Mayoral Candidates Vie For Bookings At Westhampton Beach's Hampton Synagogue

Really? There's oft a slip 'tween headline and text.

According to synagogue founder, Rabbi Marc Schneier:

"They all reach out to me. This is considered a very important stop on the Hamptons circuit."

Well, mebbe, mebbe not, but this next part gives one pause:

"When you're speaking at a gathering of 200 people on a Saturday evening, it's not just yourwhat's the word I'm looking forand it's not your average Jewish family. I've said often, this is all chiefs and no braves. This is Scarsdale, the Upper West Side, Teaneck. It's a community of communities."

(So that's why Schneier set up shop here in the early '90s!)

Itemizing the candidates set to appear on Sunset Avenue this weekend, it's a list of "who?" and "who cares?"

I mean, Joseph J. Lhota? John C. Liu? Sal F. Albanese? William C. Thompson? Adolfo Carrión Jr.?

Conspicuously absent are the darkened names of a disgraced Governor and multi-disgraced Congressman, so area residents shouldn't have to worry about phalanxes of photographers swarming the area, or tabloid headlines like "A. Weiner Waves in Westhampton."

Ahhhhhhh... Weiner, Spitzer and Schneier, what a parlay that would have been!


1. Ronnie said...

Weenie, Meanie & Moe.


2. EastEnd68 said...

Weiner and the Rabbi – there's a good pair.

Biting my tongue....

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