Martin-Zimmerman, in 10:19

Monday, July 22, 2013

Martin-Zimmerman, in 10:19

Still confused about the outcome of the trial of George Zimmerman, charged with the homicide of "unarmed" 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, the "son" that President Barack Obama could have had?

This 10:19 video does an excellent job of summing up of the 17 month series of events, from the shooting death of an African-American teenager to the Not Guilty verdict by a six woman jury in Seminole County, Florida.

Not that I was omniscient from a distance of 1140 miles, but key elements of this were raised by OtBB 15 months ago.

Disclaimer: The author is a 70-something Caucasian-American who resides in Westhampton Beach and has been the victim of Black-on-White crime.


1. Hampton West said...

Well, Dean, I am slightly Left of Center and cringed a bit at the references to the Right Wing sources but I have to admit the gentlemen presents a convincing point of view.

The references comparing Martin to Reverend King are truly obscene.

The more advanced in years I get, the more I deplore the "lalala" looniness of the Left and the utter conviction-to-the-exclusion-of-anything-else of the Right, but I thought that Whittle's presentation was measured and factual... and I'd never even heard of "lean" before. That part, while reasoned, is speculative.

The rest is spot on and... you're going to make me say this, aren't you... quite in keeping with what OtBB was arguing in April 2012.

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