July Village Board Work Session

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July Village Board Work Session

Despite the oppressive temperature without, within the Westhampton Beach Village Board Work Session agenda was discharged coolly and leisurely in just under an hour this evening... probably because no one was in a rush to leave the climate-controlled meeting room.

Topics discussed included:

  1. The setting up of an emergency shelter at the local High School should a hurricane situation necessitate evacuation of up to 300 residents from the Dune Road Barrier Beach. The proposed $19,589 cost will be apportioned among the Villages of Quogue (40%), Westhampton Beach (54.37%) and West Hampton{sic} Dunes (5.63%).

    (No mention was made of any cost to South­ampton Town for evacuees from between the Villages.)

  2. Proposed amendments to the Zoning Code were discussed:
    1. Limiting Variance Approvals to two (2) years before an applicant would have to return to the Village to start over from scratch.
    2. Based on a suggestion from Beach Bakery's Simon Jorna at an earlier meeting, the word "tables" is being removed from §196 of the Code, so that the limitation will be on seating rather than tables allowed.
  3. Issued an expedited approval to Westhampton Free Library for certain limited use of the Village Green's Gazebo for a drumming program.
  4. Approved the use of Rogers Beach for the Westhampton Beach Fire Department's annual BBQ on Saturday September 14th.
  5. Approved on an ultra-expedited1 basis an approval for Cable USA's "Royal Pains," the 2009 pilot show of which cast "West Hampton"{sic} as "the worst Hampton."

    They must've rethought their position, or maybe Mark Eply and Southampton Village are fed up with them, because this will be their third time shooting here.

In all a quiet and low-key meeting.

  1. As I learned all too well serving the Village for 21 years as the Mayor's Office on Film and Video, "instant grati­fication," we-just-thought-of-it-and-we-need-to-do-it-right-away! The production company's request arrived this very morning.

    Which is also to say that they won't call Sunday night to cancel or ask for a different day.


1. Jim said...

September 10, 2013 is a Tuesday. Did the Beach Blogger finally make a mistake?

He did, he did... and now he's made your year!

Thanks for the catch.

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