Beating a stacked deck

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Beating a stacked deck

George Zimmerman had almost everything going against him, from the local prosecuter's office to the main stream media, even The White House.

What he had going for him, was the forensic evidence and the truth.

Zimmerman Is Acquitted of Murder and Manslaughter Charges

The criminal portion of the ordeal is over for Zimmerman and while some have speculated that United States Attorney General Eric Holder may now seek to bring a Civil Rights Action as NAACP President Benjamin Jealous immediately demanded, he'd be a fool to even try... there would be a race war that would spread beyond the borders of Florida.

There has been justice for George Zimmerman.


1. Ray Overton said...

This was truly a tragic encounter that the media, specifically NBC, escalated through their inaccurate reporting and out and out lies.

You noticed that, too, eh? But have you followed any of CNN Legal Analyst Sunny Hostin electronic and print coverage? That woman is nuts! She has no more ability to be unbiased than I could fit in a pair of pants with a 30-inch waist!
– Dean

2. W.R. Moore said...

Informational post: Given the language of Title 1983 (requires action "under color of law") and a couple of dated opinions from attorneys, unless you're an agent of the state, Title 1983 doesn't apply. You may wish to double check this as the memory, and much else, isn't what it used to be.

Wrongful death civil suit is another matter unless precluded by Florida law.

You're probably right... it was late on a Saturday night and I couldn't consult with my crack legal team, so I may have the incorrect Section. Thank you, and know that there is more to come on this... a lot more!

3. Hunt Marckwald said...

Dept. of Redundancy Dept.?

Editing error I believe... thanks for the catch.

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