Suspicions Confirmed!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Suspicions Confirmed!

Remember Nancy Grace, that wretched wench with the accent that would embarrass even someone living in the deepest recesses of Southern-most Appalachia?

Well, here she is, unadorned... and no!, not nekkid, just as her natural everyday self!

Nancy Grace, trailer park trash, in her traditional Walmart garb

Always knew that at heart, that woman was a "People of Walmart" photo op on the loose.

And for those wondering why the front of her tee-shirt is obscured, studying what part of the letter forms can be seen, will provide a clue... if you really care!


1. Mrs. Genetics said...

Wow, could be Paula Deen's cousin.

Now, now... velvet paws, kitty.

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