Gotta know the turf!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Gotta know the turf!

Almost forget... with the General Election just less than four months away, Southampton Town's Silly Season is upon us.

It's been kinda quiet so far... Linda Kabot's early announce­ment and then blessing by the almost irrelevant Town GOP was one item, but then almost nothing.

'Til now...

Spotted this unusual fractional adv. in the current edition of The Southampton Press Western Edition:

Invitation to Westhampton Beach Fundraiser for Jeffrey Mansfield

Wow! $1500 for dinner to raise funds for the Town Board campaign for... Jeffrey Mansfield?

(Jeffrey who?)

But hey! Look who one of the select ten get to dine with... Bill O'Reilly, Bill Moyers (the interaction between those two would well be worth the cost of the ticket!), Tina Brown, John Grisham, Rick Atkin... but wait, something's not quite right here.

A less excited reading of the "invitation" reveals that those enboldened names aren't attending the event, and are just tossed in to embellish the credentials of the host... and by extension, the candidate.

Fraud? Nah... just deceptive.

But this Mansfield guy definitely required some delving into.

At first blush, he looked like someone the Town Democrats dug up... Ennnt!

Mansfield is actually on the Republican ticket with Stanley Glinka as Linda Kabot's running mates, so obviously I haven't been paying close enough attention to Town politics this year.

(The Dems are running/re-running Frank Zappone and Brad Bender with Anna Throne-Holst for the Board.)

From just this, it's tough to tell what's really going on in this race, but I did find this notice of a fundraiser in Hampton Bays for Mansfield held last evening:

Mansfield fundraiser in Hampton Bays

$80 per person/$150 per couple... that's a little more like it... and certainly more Hampton Bays-esque.

Wonder what the price of admission to a Mansfield event in Sagaponack is?


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