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Thursday, July 11, 2013

[¡El sigh!]

Señor Angelo de la Fuente is at it again on this week's Letters page of The Southampton Press Western Edition, chiding Westhampton Beach Mayor Conrad Teller for his appointment of Ralph Urban as Deputy Mayor, terming it "an insult to village residents and taxpayers."

The diminutive Castilian confabulator concludes his screed:

"Mayor Teller should be doing what is right for the taxpayers in the Village instead of playing his brand of petty politics."

Angelo could give a rusty rodent's rump about what's "right for the taxpayers in the Village," only what most benefits himself.

The latest wagon to which he's hitched a ride is Andrew Mendelson's efforts to develop his parcels in the B3/I1 districts for the construction of a supermarket.

Never mind the deleterious impact this would have on the B1 (Main Street) area... Angelo has no interests there.

What he does have is a property in the B3 district along Old Riverhead Road, and he views... understandably... the fulfill­ment of Mendelson's scheme as beneficial to the appreci­a­tion of his own property values.

It's all in Angelo's self-interest... and that's all right... but he should be forthright about it instead of using it as an excuse to dirty-up the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

O, and along the way, he attempts to propagate the "$78,000 of misspent tax dollars" fiction begun by then-Deputy Mayor Hank Tucker and disseminated at every opportunity by the rest of the three stooges.


1. Hugh Merle said...

Has Angelo ever met Ralph Urban? The man is a total class act; ethical gentleman, the consummate professional!

I think that's the problem, Hugh... Angelo (and "Circe") don't know how to deal with such a person of those qualities.

2. Hiram Franks said...

In the old neighborhood there was a name for guys like de la Fuente: "vantz."

I had to look it up, but, yes, that would be appropriate... if he'd lived on Ocean Parkway or Orchid Street.

3. Gordie Howe said...

Hi Dean

You missed a great episode of "M*A*S*H" if you had to look up "vantz!"


Must've missed that... never as much a fan of the series as I was of Robert Altman's 1970 film which is one of three movies I sat through twice the first time I saw it.

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