Why I hate <i>News12LI</i> - #48

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Why I hate News12LI - #48

It's not just because they're awful... that's pretty much undisputed... but because news12li is forever and endlessly promoting themselves as "Long Island's own," yet their field correspondents, talking heads, producers and editors are nothing more than sloppy when it comes to familiarity with...

("Wait for it," as Radar O'Reilly used to say...)

...Long Island!

Their latest effrontery to my jaundiced sensibilities was found in an on-line feature entitled "Dune Road packed with waterfront restaurants, entertainment:"

"Dune Road runs from East Quogue through the Hampton Bays and Westhampton Beach."

Someone at news12li needs to check Google Maps and learn the sequence of the areas of Dune Road.

Then go to Dictionary.com and look up the word "packed."


1. EastEnd68 said...

Written and paid for by some PR firm – Channel 12 news reporting at its worst.

I disagree on two counts:
  1. If it had beeen done by a PR firm, it would at least have been done competently and professionally.
  2. It's not even "news reporting;" it's a feature, or "soft news."
And there's an irritating condescension to it as well.
– Dean

2. Cat Valet said...

I just had the privilege of a private guided tour of Dune Road. I saw several Beach Clubs, a few Town Beaches, one dining establishment and miles of McMansions lining the two lane road and blocking the view of both the ocean and the bay. I'm surmising that the News 12 fact-checking department was one of the first areas to be eliminated due to the current economic downturn.

M'niece is not only witty but wise beyond her years.

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