The best my birth city has to offer?

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The best my birth city has to offer?

This strains credulity!

Disgraced ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer re-enters politics in NYC comptroller bid

This, less than seven weeks after disgraced Democratic ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner decided that he should seek the office of New York City Mayor!

After becoming a repeat guest on Bill Maher's HBO series and then taking the short-live (none months) "In the Arena" show on CNN, it was foregone, here at least, that Spitzer would be attempting to re-enter politics before too long.

And now he has, hoping the the electorate of the five boroughs are as forgiving as Mrs. Spitzer after the Client #9 revelations forced his resignation as Governor of New York five years ago.

(At that time, Rob Firriolo commented: "Republicans caught in scandals tend to disappear. Democrats caught in scandals tend to rise to the top of the party.")

I don't like Spitzer... never have! Aside from the "Sleaze Factor," he gives off a cold cynicism that is comtemptuous of the citizens he is supposed to represent.

(Plus he bears a creepy resemblance to long-time Holly­wood hatchet heavy Jack Lambert, a screen presence so menacing I had nightmares about him after seeing him as an ice pick mob assassin in "The Enforcer.")

Eliot Spitzer, left, and Jack Lambert, right

But then, it seems that this is what New York City has become, so morally bankrupt that sleaze-balls like Spitzer and Weiner are willing to run for public office again, with private polls apparently convincing them that they can win.


1. Crabby said...

Look: if a then-married Rick Santorum got re-elected despite lying and running off on his taxpayer's money with an Argentinian firecracker, I think Spitzer's "weiner" trump's Weiner's "weiner." Spitzer chose a sneakier, call it posterior entry point if you will, while Weiner wants his constituents to swallow him whole by shooting for Mayor of NYC. Wow!

Addictive and sexy stuff; politics.

We seem to have travelled a long and cynical distance since the days of Bubba's publicly damned fellatio, that's for sure.

Um, tough night with the hooch? I believe you have the wrong guy and the wrong state... and the rest of it is incomprehensible.

2. Coach K said...

...crass and disgusting post.

Devoid of specifics, your comment is meaningless... other than to reveal your support for the Weiner-waver and the philandering hypocrite.

3. Ray Overton said...

What is remarkable about Spitzer is how, as the reknowned "Sheriff of Wall Street," he completely ignored the biggest thief on the street, Bernie Madoff. Guess I shouldn't consider it too shocking, however, as Bernie was making money for the Spitzer family. Pretty much the same as his prostitution vendors - he prosecuted those he didn't use.

Upon closer examination today, that "Sheriff of Wall Street" business was less a crusading Attorney General and more the stuff of Spitzer's Public Relations firm.

4. Coach K said...

...I was actually referring to the first comment - you couldn't figure that out? Secondly, your "birth city" NYC? Does that mean you are not a local?

You didn't write "comment," you wrote "post," so don't put the inadequacy of your communications (and, two years ago, your reading comprehension) skills on me.

Whatever you like if you desire to play the birther game.

5. Scarlett said...

Dean not local? Let's see you try to make that case!

He delights in being an edgy contrarian, but he's not that good at it since his thesis is always flawed.

6. Rob F. said...

Spitzer didn't just patronize prostitutes. He was caught doing that when the banks tipped law enforcement about Spitzer's "smurfing." The same kind of banking shenanigans he prosecuted as NYS Attorney General.

Our dumbed-down media can't look past the hookers to bother mentioning that nasty little detail.

If the people of NYC elect Spitzer and/or Wiener), they will speak volumes about what value they place on integrity in political leadership.

As I noted earlier, this is who we elect... especially in NYC.

My one ray of optimism in this matter is that the voters in the 19th CD (The Bronx) refused to have any part in Mario Biaggi's attempted "come-back" after he got out of prison in 1991.

Yeah, that was then!

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