And whose vehicle can this be...

Friday, July 05, 2013

And whose vehicle can this be...

Levan Vehicle in Handicapped parking space at 74 Main Street

...parked in the space in front of the Performing Arts Center Box Office, sporting a Handicapped Permit issued to her husband who passed away more than eight (8) months ago.

In New York State, the requirements for such a Permit are quite straight forward:

  • The plates and permits may be used to park in reserved parking spaces only when the person with the disability is driving or riding in the vehicle. (Emphasis in the original.)
  • People who are not disabled cannot use your parking permit and/or plates to park in a reserved space.

No ambiguity there... nothing to quibble about.

And what caused the driver to willfully flout the law, an emergency session of the PAC Advisory Council?

Nope... just an opportunity to dish with her friends and eyes on Main Street, Garcia and Gottesmann.


1. Hunt Marckwald said...

Some people have neither shame nor compassion for others. This is obviously one of those people.


2. Jackie Bennett said...

One does not have to walk with a limp to qualify for a handicap permit. Any medical condition that causes someone to suffer exhaustion from having to walk across a parking lot is reason enough. Our daughter had to have a handicap permit during her final illness. No one faulted her for that even though, right up until the end, she looked robust.

Understood... but I doubt the permit was issued to someone who plays a robust game of tennis each week.

3. Old Part-Timer said...

She's no good...... evil!

Hope the Village PD tows her car!!! Keep on her, Dean!

Tow her? No one on the local PD has the cojones to even write her a ticket!

I do not stalk the woman... but she can't help herself, and "things" come my way.
– Dean

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