Can the high Summer season...

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Can the high Summer season... far behind when something like this is seen on Main Street?

Lamborghini "El Matador"

It was a "chrome-wrapped" custom Lamborghini Twin-Turbo Gallardo (a/k/a "El Matador") parked across from The Post Stop Cafe... and naturally, proprietrix Sandy Patterson and I had to grab photos of the flashy 1,500hp/$248,000 beast.

Lamborghini "El Matador"

(For that sort of money I would want 1½ baths and a wood-burning fireplace included.)

Not sure what it was doing here... not aware of any sports cars shows in the area, much less a street gymkhana.

Lamborghini "El Matador"

But here it was, drawing lots of attention and, as we sat across the street having a pre-PAC dinner, almost as many camera-bugs as did our front yard those first few days following "Superstorm Sandy."

Still, that's a lotta bling on Main Street any time of year!


1. Hunt Marckwald said...

"1,500hp" NFW!

V10? Way!
– Dean

2. Elyse Richman said...

In one blog you are concerned about the economy on Main Street and in this blog you show an example of the exact opposite. The Hamptons and Main Street can be a bit bipolar. Thriving Businesses right next to abandoned businesses. It just takes the right person with big Kahunas to open in this Village and succeed, as for the cars on Main Street, it is always fun to see the Flash... it did attract you to take a picture and blog about it.

Happy 4th.

Aye, missy, it did, didn't it!

As for the other, I'm not sure how you got to that conclusion... just re-read it, and your complaint remains opaque to me..., #1, and, #2, I think you meant cojones rather than "Kahunas." At least I hope you did... unless you're attempting to re-write the American argot.

And, while I'm at it, #3: you are soooooo lucky not to have Michael Bloomberg as a Mayor... he'd have you shuttered in no time as a health hazard!

3. Carrie said...

There was a car show at Bide-a-wee on Saturday, however it seemed the focus was more classic and less flash.

Good Gawd, I would hope so!

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