Uh oh, don't look now...

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Uh oh, don't look now...

Lohan mug shot

...but the Lindsay Lohan let's-stay-out-of-the-slammer rehab tour may be headed back this way.

Not that she's been this way before, but there was all this hot chatter several months ago about "La Lo Lo" putting into the Seafield Center for Right Living, Rest and Rehabilitation for a 90-day stay, but as predicted here, that fizzled almost as fast as it flamed.

But... but... but now, the old hospital across the street may be up for re-consideration according to those stalwarts of reliable and responsible journalism, The Daily News and Perez Hilton.

Child start Lohan

(Newsday, of course, is all over it... can­nibalizing other gossip sites. I remem­ber when they actually did original reporting!)

All I want to know is, Lindsay, what the hell happened between then and how?

Late-breaking update...

Los Angeles County Superior Court has apparently said ixnay on another switcheroo!

Good! Westhampton Beach could stand to dodge a bullet now and then!


1. EastEnd68 said...

Seafield has a very strict non-smoking policy. Lindsay could not survive there.

Been awhile since I've been across the street, but I seem to recall a "butt hole" outside a rear door.

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