A very most excellent...

Sunday, June 16, 2013

A very most excellent...

...Father's Day with lotsa cards, including one each from Gracie and Rosco, a nice chatty 'phone call from the son-in-heir in Vancouver, a snappy shirt from Down Under from two of my step-children, and a c*a*r*e package from Whistler of my daughter's special cordial syrups.

(OtBB previewed Peggy's and Martyn's "Frost Bytes" enterprise last month.)

Then off to East Quogue where Jeanne took me to what has become over the past decade my all-time favorite Sunday Brunch of a Chorizo Breakfast Fajita quaffed down with a flagon of draught hard cider.

Jeanne and Dean at The New Moon showing off his Australian shirt

Later the Dodgers lost... again, and are only two games better than the Mets but with more than twice the payroll... and there's no "Game of Thrones" tonight, but it was one of my more enjoyable Father's Days.


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