Cowabunga!, wash 'n' dry Bob!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cowabunga!, wash 'n' dry Bob!

Anyone been to the laundromat section of Strebel's Laundry in the past several months?

It still carries the name of the Strebel family, and the ex­terior looks pretty much the same, but wait'll ya see the interior now that Linda (mother) and Soullas (son) Sofar have taken over the business.

(It's a business with which Soullas is very familiar, hav­ing been Strebel's maintenance man for a number of years.)

It's not just that there are so many gleaming new ma­chines ranging in load capacity from 20 lbs. ($3.00) to 80 lbs. ($9.00), but that there's so much space!

No longer doing the dry cleaning "in-house," a wall had been removed and... well, ya gotta see it for yourself!

I for one don't get excited about doing the large laundry that appears on my semi-annual "honey-do" horizon, but the prospect of spending a couple of hours in the "new and improved" Strebel's Laundromat considerably reduces the apprehension I once felt.

(I mekka leetle joka with "new and improved;" for more than half-a-century, that's been the most important phrase in the advertising and packaging of household cleaning products.)

The "'new' Strebel's laundromat," as the Sofars are pro­moting it, is open at 6:30am and the "last call" to load a wash is 9:00pm.


1. Jeanne Speir said...

It really is nice and clean inside. There are new machines that dry fast, and you can make change of folding cash for Susan B. Anthony dollars instead of quarters.

The latter is something I did not know....

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