And so my watch begins...

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

And so my watch begins... eager anticipation awaiting Season 4 of HBO's superb Sunday evening series, "A Game of Thrones."

*** Here be Spoilers! *** Here be Spoilers! ***

After the shocking carnage of the previous week's finale, the current episode:

  • Reunited the incestuous Lannister twins, Queen Cersei and (less his good right hand) Kingslayer Jamie, who hadn't seen one another since Season One;
  • Redefined the relationship between Arya Stark and her putative captor Sandor Clegane ("The Hound"), and credits the young girl with her first kill of an adult, the richly deserved stabbing of a man who was incautiously boasting of the defiling of her brother's corpse;
  • Managed to get a gravely wounded Jon Snow back to the safety of his Night's Watch comrades;
  • Had a greatly emboldened Samwell Tarley and his charge, new-mother Gilly, connect with the senior surviving Stark male, Bran, still crippled and hauled about by Hodor.

There were significant developments for several other key characters but it was a decent wrap-up, and promised some intriguing narrative threads to follow when Season Four launches next Spring.

Much desired developments which did not transpire include ghastly deaths for King Joffrey Lannister and his mother Cersei, and treacherous Walder Frey, initiator of "The Red Wedding."

The final scene, as it was for Seasons One and Two, is re­served for Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons, Viserion, Rhaegal and Drogon, without the gates of Yunkai, whose enslaved inhabitants she has just emancipated.

As the former slaves emerge from the city and are made to understand they are now free people, they gaze adoringly upon her and begin to chant "Mhysa," or "mother," in the ancient tongue of Ghiscar.

Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, mother of dragons, adored by the emancepated slaves of Yunkai

Thoroughly charmed by the massed approbation, Dany de­scends to pass among them and is quickly hoisted aloft and passed about like a Third Century Lady GaGa body surfing across the audience at a concert... overhead her dragons, larger and even more formidable-looking than in the past, soar and perform aerial acrobatics out of the sheer joy of flying free.

Speed on, March 2014! You can't come soon enough!


1. Scarlett said...

Admit it! You have a crush on Dany!

I like Daenerys; her character has evolved soooooooo far from the naïve 13-year traded to a barbarian by a power hungry brother, to a increasingly savvy bride to a young widow to the leader of a burgeoning military might. Plus, she has a great body.

But as attractive as Daenerys is, little Arya Stark is just as appealing. She's smart, she's educable, and for all crap that's been thrown on her, she's not only resolute, but fearless. I can't wait to see her reclaim "Needle," the custom sword gifted to her by her half-brother Jon Snow before he left to join the Night's Watch. Last seen in the possession of Tywin Lannister, it's a matter of time before she reclaims it and starts sticking her enemies with "the pointy end."

However, what excites me the most in this series is the appearances of the dire wolves and the dragons

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