This is about as stoopid...

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

This is about as stoopid... stupid can get!

States look to tax hybrid and electric car owners to recoup road funding

"North Carolina is joining a growing number of states ex­ploring new fees for hybrid and electric car owners to help make up for revenue those drivers aren't paying in gas taxes on their fuel-efficient vehicles."

I think most of us "got" the "gas guzzler tax" when Con­gress enacted it as part of the National Energy Act of 1978.

It was a belated response to the 1973 energy crunch in an attempt at reducing the United States' dependency on pe­tro­leum products, and to encourage, through taxes and tax credits, the use of fuel-efficient vehicles.

The penalty for driving a luxury vehicle... full-size Cadillac, Chrysler, Lincoln, Mercedes, et al... was substantial, and increased over the years.

(What was originally taxed at $550 for fuel efficiencies of 13 miles per gallon or less, by 1986 had risen to $3,850 for a rating below 12½ mpg.)

The automotic industry got the message and gradually responded to the activity in the marketplace and an ever-worsening economy.

Jump to the mid-'90s when a number of different compa­nies here and abroad started developing alternatives to vehicles powered solely by gasoline.

My wife, no longer a soccer mom transporting members of the team, finally ditched her beloved 14 mpg Land Cruiser for one of the first hybrid Honda Civics, and was immediately rewarded with 30+ mpg and a "Green Pass" which allowed her to drive solo in the Long Island Expressway's HOV lane on her two-hour commute to Jackson Heights.

And when a tree felled by super-storm Sandy squashed her Civic like a yeller dog on an Mississippi highway, she replaced it with a Toyota Prius which has been getting 46-52 mpg, so she's definitely been doing her part over the past nine years to "reduce America's dependence on foreign oil."

And how do states like North Carolina, Arizona, Washington and possibly New Jersey, reward hybrid and electric vehicle owners who've gone out of their way to reduce the trade deficit and improve air quality?

Right! Government does what it always does... screws its citizens with more taxes, duties and tariffs.


1. Mrs. Genetics said...

The height of stupidity, no matter how one decides to spell it. I suspect if one digs deeper there will be a connection of $$ flowing from the marketing and refining industries to state legislators.

2. Crabby said...

Yeah, we got far better stuff to spend our money on!

What, you may ask? How about many millions on a Supersized Library building in an internet world? (Brought to you by a pushy septagenarian with a Robert Moses complex -- only lacking long vision.)

How about greedy, grasping, nearly retired, over-paid teachers seeking to stuff their union pockets one last time on the taxpayer's dime -- new teachers and the rest of us be damned. "It's all for the children" is a lot of horsefeathers -- the kids are hostages who are punished if we don't vote "yes."

But wait, there's more!

We just "bought" a ridiculously expensive fire house. Millions on millions of dollars. We couldn't have done this for a couple of million less, guys? Really.

Locally, Mayor Teller is the only Board member I know who gave back salary money to the Village. That is a tribute to the honor of the man.

I still have questions about the Library construction and computer contract expenditures that as far as I can tell have not been publicly addressed by Library Treasurer cum Chairman Levan nor former? (I think) Library Trustee and Village Trustee Tucker.

On a local and important gummint (nice word, Speir) level I am going to vote only (next Friday the 21st) for former Trustee and Deputy Mayor Toni Birk to break up the voting block{sic} in our Village.

We need a dedicated and local public servant. Toni Jo is all that. And honest.

Well, I hope so... I'll bullet vote for her solely in the hope that the spine of the three stooges is, as you say, displaced. They are a voting bloc whose agenda is less in the interests of Westhampton Beach than a darker agenda.
– Dean

3. Paramarine said...

The proposal is certainly unpopular in NC. I haven't yet made up my mind on the topic, but compared to most of the inflammatory news out there, here's a more balanced perspective: "Road Worrier: Hybrid, electric car fees could help make up for lost taxes."

Funny headline... the jury's not still out as far as I'm concerned, however!

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