My daughter loves her...

Sunday, June 09, 2013

My daughter loves her...

...Canadian Health Care, but is less than enthusiastic about her adopted country's gas pump prices:

Canadian gasoline Pump

For thems what require equivalents, one Canadian Dollar ($1.00) equals 97¢ American, and 71.994 liters is 19.019 U.S. gallons.

Her purchase of just under 20 gallons came to $97.00.


1. John Romo said...

Ireland: €1.57/litre. $1.33 to €1.00....

So that makes one gallon U.S. worth $7.90, yes?

2. Jeanne Speir said...

We've been to four-and-change already, since Bush II, although not presently, and I've no doubt it's gonna get there agin'. I'd gladly pay five bucks for a nation with universal health care.

Today, if you're non-union, and this is before "ObamaCare," you're paying over twenty grand annually to some lousy insurance company stockholders; their corporations deny us health services at every step; jack up our premiums, deductibles, and co-pays.

(Protected union members are in for sticker shock in the coming years.) I know I was!

We have to fight for patients every day to get their health care needs approved. It's ghastly how much the pharmaceutical industry and health industrial complex have jacked up patient costs.

50% of American bankruptcies occur because of a health care crisis -- one that our "insurances" didn"t pay for.

How about us? Personally, we pay "Premium High Octane Test" health insurance bucks. We want to leave something to our kids!

But I'd rather our money went to health care, not profit margins.

Gimme the five dollar gas, (we're not spending twenty grand a year on gasoline, we're spending it on health insurance,) a great public transit system, and universal health care.


Worth the price.

I can even wait for my elective surgery.

I have seen first hand the impressive and comprehensive services provided emergently to one of our Canadian family members – including hospitalization, IV, home care, meds – all without an additional penny out of pocket.

What's the difference between an out of work Canadian auto worker who is sick and an American auto worker who is sick? The ill Canadian gets to keep his home.

(I allow my wife to vent here from time-to-time so she doesn't do it stomping around the house.)

3. John Romo said...

Yessir...! But we have had eight straight days of sun so this Summer will be talked about for years to come.

I don't even thing we've had eight straight days of sun yet!

4. Champ19 said...

Well, Dean, your wife is right!

How sharper than a serpent's tooth... a pox upon your ailerons.

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