June Village Board Meeting

Thursday, June 06, 2013

June Village Board Meeting

It was a substantive meeting this evening and one remark­ably free of political posturing considering that the 2013 Village Board election is just 15 days away... and yes, all three candidates were in attendance.

First up was what amounted to Local Law "housekeeping," as Chapters 123 and 178 of the Village Code were amend­ed to, respectively, make it illegal to switch Beach stickers be­tween vehicles, and to allow ticketing of sloppily parked ve­hicles... i.e., taking up more than one space!

(Why this is being done at this late date is the subject of another discussion.)

More housekeeping was attempted with revisions to Chapter 196 regarding tying the number of outdoor tables, chairs and benches permitted to the number of parking spaces available. Following some well-reasoned and lucid comments by Beach Bakery proprietor Simon Jorna sug­gesting some improvments, the Board held the hearing open for further study.

Immediately thereafter, Special Exception hearings were held on Herr Jorna's request for permits for Outdoor Dining and Outdoor Music necessitated by Beach Bakery's on-going expansion.

In an unusual move, the Board approved the Special Excep­tion for Sweet Andy's Cookies request for three tables and nine chairs for Outdoor Dining despite the fact that applicant Andrew Terry was not there to speak to his application.

A number of Resolutions running the gamut from refunding $150 for a Seasonal Marina Slip rental fee... applicant traded down to a smaller boat... to authorizing the Use of Village Property for a scaled down Alzheimer's Dis­ease Walk on October 26, to approving $845 for Chief Ray Dean to attend this year's IACP convention in Philadelphia, were passed.

The final resolution, apparently a compromise hammered out shortly before the meeting, called for a report from Village Planner Kyle Collins regarding a possible update to the Village's Master Plan.

(In answer to the question raised in the May 22 OtBB entry, Trustee Patricia DiBenedetto played the "Sal Tessio" role.)

Clearly this was less than developer Andrew Mendelson desired or what former Trustee Joan Levan had directed be presented, and led to an unhappy attorney, Frank Isler, arguing vociferously with Village Attorney Richard Haefeli about how his client was to build a grocery store near the Long Island Roadroad tracks West of Old Riverhead Road.

(Mendelson still wants the Village to accept his petition in lieu of an application to be allowed to have a "gro­cery store" in the B3/I1 districts.)

Law Clerk and Lilac Road resident Tom Moore rose to carry the argument further with Haefeli, but made no headway.

(Since Moore was revealed to be the shadow author of the four illegal resolutions then Trustees Levan, Jim Kametler and Hank Tucker tried mightily to pass at the March 2010 Village Board meeting, his grasp of municipal law should be viewed with considerable dubiety.)

Occasional attendees Susan and Leonard Gugick of Tuttle Place rose to speak on several issues:

  • Deer: she, particularly, is against them, and wondered what had happened with the Village's 2010 plan1 to reduce the local populace of free-running Cervidae.
  • Mendelson's B3/I1 "grocery store" scheme: she's agin it, and perfectly "gets" the deleterious impact the granting of such a proposal would have on the B1 district.
  • Eruv: He wanted to know was was happening with the E³A litigation. Attorney Haefeli pointed out that all of the filings and court documents were available for review on the Village Website.

The meeting ended with an extempore bouquet tossed at a dumbfounded Building Administrator, Paul Houlihan, for his job performance by... wait for it... Simon Jorna.

The more cynical among us would suggest that Mr. Houlihan get his résumé in order.

  1. That initiative was in full "go" mode until then-Trustee Leola "Sue" Farrell started circulating photos and X-ray images of a deer with an arrow embedded in its skull.


1. Bruce Tria said...

I would be very careful about any study to decide if the Village Master Plan needs to be updated. That's always how it starts. Then, miracle of miracle, there needs to be an update and the two magic words get inserted.

Now I know you think that the current Waldbaum's supermarket is inadequate. But I would respond that if it weren't adequate, no one would be shopping there. And if it really stunk up the joint, someone would have bought the old bowling alley across the street, demolished it and opened a brand new supermarket there. That hasn't happened, so I am guessing the marketplace has made its decision.

The smart move would be to leave things as they are and let the developer find a less enlightened locality to change its zoning to satisfy his wants. Then again, I suspect he knew what the zoning for his parcel was long before "supermaket" or "grocery store" became a green gleam in his eye.

The ironic thing, Bruce, is that the developer was given an opportunity to have the section (B3) changed back in 2007-08, and actively opted not to.

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