Sherin's Seafood Market...

Monday, June 03, 2013

Sherin's Seafood Market...

...another in OtBB's on-going "Used and Useful" series of commercial establishments in the Westhampton Beach area which have been pulled back from the brink of demised prem­ises status.

(See also Like to see this happen... and Another step in the right direction...)

Sherin's Seafood Market

For over four decades this building on Parlato Drive was (Bill) Bennett's Seafood until "himself" (as his wife refers to him) retired and they leased it to others who operated it as Starr Boggs' and then Beth's.

Hanrahan and friends

When the location became available this past "off-sea­son," former Westhamp­ton Beach Police Officer Neil Hanrahan opened Sherin's Seafood Market.

The interior "look" of the market is less eclectic than during the Bennett regime, but a hold-over is the fresh seawater tanks for the lobsters brough in from Maine and points North.

Another welcomed... not so much "hold-over" as a return to the glory years... the aforecited "himself" will be offering his own freshly-made clam chowder through Sherin's Seafood Market.

(That's... as they are always saying on the local news telecasts... an exclusive.)

O, and the word "fresh" is bandied about the premises a great deal.

Keep it going, Hanrahan... keep it going.


1. Scarlett said...

HA! Since it's his money now rather than ours, Neil's going to have to work harder at this than he ever did at being a cop!

Well, yes, there's that.

2. EastEnd68 said...

Neil did a good job for the police.

Unfortunately, at the time that he was on the Village Police Department, few actually performed the job they were well-paid to do.

3. Jackie Bennett said...

It is very hard to make a living in this Summer community. The season is short. Weekends of inclement weather further shorten the season. On top of that, the restrictions imposed by various Village ordinances add to the complexities. Bill will do whatever he can to help Neil at the fish shop and we both hope that the customers who were once so loyal to us will give Neil a chance to succeed. Our prayers are with him.

Well, he's got a good (and previously successful) location, your husband's invaluable tutelage, and some editorial coverage. But, dear lady, if you feel that the Village's ordinances are so restrictive, what were we doing all those years on the ZBA?

4. The Quiogue Kid said...

Maine lobsters?? What happened to Hampton Bays lobsters???

Dunno... I think their availability is too uncertain, but someone else will have to provide a more definitive answer.
– Dean

5. Ginny said...

Best of luck!

6. Donna & John said...

Crabs cakes are the best.

Didn't know he was preparing them... or are you speaking in general?
– Dean

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