Connie Cyrta (1942-2013)

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Connie Cyrta (1942-2013)

I hadn't seen Connie Cyrta in over half-a-century, and I didn't really know her... she was several years behind me and I hadn't attended any school here after 5th Grade... but I just came across her obit notice on 27East and uttered a spontaneous "Damn!"

I used to see her, a trim pretty little thing with a mildly olive complexion, walking... always with great purpose... along Oak Street, and if she noticed my Larkspur Blue '57 Chevy convertible and looked up, she smiled the type of smile that made boys my age drive off the road and narrowly miss a tree.

I doubt that she ever turned her head to signal any sort of invitation, but O that smile!


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