Another step in the right direction...

Monday, May 20, 2013

Another step in the right direction...

...being the second1 in what is furiously hoped will be a lengthy series of entries in the "Used and Useful" series.

During the "economic downturn" which none of the past three Presidents have been able to turn around, with more and more commercial properties in the Village lying fallow, it's grand to see signs of life in demised premises.

While not in the Village, it's on Montauk Highway less than two miles from the Westhampton Beach border...

Rubio Premier Motors

...where the late Bernie Pastor built his full service Chevro­let dealership in 1969.

(The premises has been empty since Pastor's fell prey to GM's down-sizing three years ago.)

I feared it would become another Suffolk Life building a mile or so to the West, which has been empty since 1982 when publisher Dave Willmot moved back to Riverhead and the former Billy Blake's site on Route 58.

But Westhampton Beach residents Rob and Stacy Rubio, who've been operating their Rubio Premier Motors in Speonk since Rob left the family's Westhampton Coach­works and struck out on his own, relocated the entire kit and kaboodle to the 2.6 acre site at 69 Montauk High­way earlier this month.

There's more room at the new location than they had off of North Phillips Avenue, where they were showing definite signs of cramping last year.

Clearly the Rubios have grown their business, and now they have the space to expand it even more.

The big bonus is that there's some commercial hustle and bustle for visitors to take note of as they approach West­hampton Beach from the West, making the area look less desolate more appealing.

Well done, Rob and Stacy... you definitely have my custom, but then you already knew that.

Now all you need to so is upgrade your Cablevision service one tier beyond Basic... trapped in your customer waiting area with nothing but morning games shows or Maury Povich, is cruel and unusual.

Now let's see some action with the former Kara's Sports Pub, Chappy's Corner and Skyway/Matchbox... on a year 'round basis.

  1. When the former Skyway Lounge failed to evolve into Buckhead's Grill last year, the first became the old Parlato's Esso Station on the corner of Library and Main.


1. Jeanne Speir said...

Thank you, President Obama.

At best... best, mind you!... that's a bit premature.

2. Shepard Scheinberg said...

Didn't we have fun at the original Skyway with Victor P.?

You mebbe, not me... wasn't one of my watering stops. And wasn't Victor...where is he now?... the one who changed the name to "The Matchbox?" (Or was that John Predites?) I associate "Skyway Lounge" with Jack Levine.

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