Everyone knew this was coming...

Monday, April 29, 2013

Everyone knew this was coming...

...but it still doesn't absolve the New York Jets from im­mediately climbing to the very pinnacle of "Professional Sports Teams that Institutionally Stink!"

Here's why:

Tim Tebow waived by New York Jets after one season

I've no idea of how good a pro quarterback Tebow was, is, or could be, only that his résumé reads:

Yeah, the week after that the New England Patriots rolled over Tebow's Broncos for the AFC Championship, but the young man's rookie season was, dare I say it?, miraculous.

(Think Jeremy Lin/"Linsanity" or Mike Trout... with a heavy Christian flavor.)

Tebow and his inseparable Christianity irked the bejabbers out of a lot of people, but it didn't bother me that much... it was obviously sincere and he never seemed to be in prose­ly­tizing mode... it was an integral part of who he was, but he didn't try to push it on anyone.

Tim Tebow running in the rain at Jets practice camp in July 2012.

In short, I liked the guy and wished him the best throughout.

(Mrs. Speir admired him as well, though she had a more visceral response, as noted here last December, and wonders if he made the wrong career choice1)

But what the Jets did to this man, or more importantly, his professional football career, is nothing short of scandalous!

He's had a successful 2011 season even if he had fallen flat against the Patriots in that AFC title game, but Denver's General Manager John Elway, himself a Hall-of-Fame NFL quarterback, had a chance to sign free agent Peyton Man­ning, and traded Tebow to the Jets.

Or rather, the Jets traded for Tim Tebow, made all sorts of insincere noises about installing some special offensive "packages" to make use of his special abilities... then sat him on the bench all season long!

(He took a season high 14 snaps in a September game against the Miami Dolphins... 11 as an H-back, tight end or wide receiver, and three as a quarterback! By season's end, he was on the field for only 77 offen­sive snaps.)

And when starting QB Mark Sanchez repeatedly faltered... foundered, actually... the coaching staff immediately went to Greg McElroy, a 7th round (208th overall) draft pick with z-e-r-o game experience while ignoring Tebow and making it clear even to satellite viewers in Tibet that they had no con­fidence in his abilities despite what they had seen him do to them the previous season.

(Watch the clip of Tebow's fourth quarter perform­ance against the Jets in November 2011...)

(...and one has to wonder if the Jets acquired him and sat him on the bench all year just to pay him back2 for that agonizing 17-13 loss.

I've been a Dee-troit Lions fan for 60+ years3, but when the upstart AFL put a team in New York in 1960, I also rooted for the Titans/Jets4. My son-in-heir still follows with with a passion from 3,000 miles away.

I won't speak for Colin, but screw the Jets for what they've done to Tim Tebow!

My fondest wish is that the young man hook on somewhere else and in a meaningful game with the Jets, pull their green-and-white uniform pants down on national television!

And I'm not even a big Tebow fan, just of doing right!

  1. Perhaps a move to Las Vegas and a position with Cowboys4Angels?
  2. Stupid? OtBB is open to alternative theories.
  3. Aside from my (temporary) fanboy boycott at the 0-16 2008 season.
  4. Which team won a chunk of money for me with their victory in Super Bowl III.


1. Bleedin' Green said...

We are not alone! Ian O'Connor, correspondent for ESPN NewYork.com, had this take: "Rex should be red-faced over Tebow."

Great minds, etc., but how much longer are you gonna be bleedin' that green?
– Dean

2. Jackie Bennett said...

We are always where we are supposed to be all the time. God will provide for Tim Tebow. Just watch and see.

I hope you are right. As I used to tell you when we were on the ZBA together, let's hold this over 'til the next meeting... say, the first week in August.

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