What took'em so long?

Monday, April 29, 2013

What took'em so long?

Recent New York Newsday headline:

The current Cannonball

LIRR: 'Cannonball' run straight from Penn to Hamptons

(This is what passes for "clever" with their head­line writers of today.)

The question is why wasn't this done decades ago?

I mean the "Cannonball" ac­tu­ally began life as an express train operating between Long Island City and Southampton 120 years ago, so the concept isn't entirely new.

Summer 2013's edition advises Parlor Cars with re­served seating and full bar service, and while the "bar car" now seems as dated as "The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit" or the era which cable AMC's "Mad Men" so deftly evokes, it is uniquely "South Shore Long Island."

According to the LIRR, the non-stop Eastbound trip from Penn Station to Montauk, with stops at Westhampton, South­ampton, East Hampton and Bridgehampton, is $27.

(While there's a $20 up-charge for reserved seating complete with wait staff serving snacks, it means that there's no Zone Fares on the Cannonball.)

Midtown to the Western-most Hampton is scheduled to take just 94 minutes... assuming no one wanders onto the tracks around Islip.

And since there's no electric out this far, that means it's all diesel all the way.

(Wait'll Bloomberg gets a whiff of the fumes rising from the bowels of Penn station! And you think he's tough on Big Gulps and guns?)

The Sunday West-bound version will leave Montauk at 6:37 pm and make the same run with additional stops in Hamp­ton Bays and Jamaica before arriving at Penn Station at 9:31 pm.

The service debuts Friday, May 24th, and will run through Labor Day. Hoo boy!


1. Hambone said...

The key is the first sentence of the second paragraph of the LIRR release. It is now a peak train. Before the Cannonball was a 3:58 off-peak departure that cost $18.75 last year and, more importantly, children cost a whopping $0.75. The new adult peak fare is $27. For 50% more they are giving you pretty much the same as before. The net difference is one stop and six or so minutes.

I am sure you caught how every news article reads the same as their press release!

  1. Cogent insight. Thanks.
  2. O, yeah!

2. EastEnd68 said...

I have never seen diesel engines go into Penn Station and I think they use electric now on the line to Montauk.

Nor I, but I've never seen any hint of electricity on the South Shore line past Babylon or perhaps Bayshore.

3. EastEnd68 said...

Researched this... today's trains are dual mode and can switch from diesel to electric to get in and out of Penn Station.

I did not know that... thanks.

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