Another one in the books…

Friday, November 23, 2007

Another one in the books…

...and the New Moon Café was busy in both the front and back of the house, with the doors wide open due to the wonderful Autumn-like sunny weather.

I took the North Sea/Southampton/Water Mill run and things went well as far as finding the various houses and getting the immobilized their meals timely... the last lady was the victim of a dessert con­tainer popping open en route and pasting her slice of pumpkin pie all over the inside of the bag. I hasten to add that while it may not have reached its intended recipient, it did not go uneaten!

(Waste not, want not! There are kids still starving in "The Bottom" and on the Bridgehampton Turnpike!)

It should be mentioned that another vol­unteer driver to show up was Tim Motz... and last I looked, he wasn't running for any office. He took a tough route, too, two dozen or so meals out to Noyac and Sag Harbor.

(Mebbe he was covertly registering Democrats for Hillary in the upcoming Primary!)

The Lions... referred to as the "pussycats" by my cousin Charlie after performances like this... stunk up the house for the third straight week and the fourth consecutive Thanksgiving, and my heart is heavy as the prospects for the first decent season of the Millennium seem destined to be buried beneath the slush of another bleak Detroit Winter.

Biggest personal accomplishment of the day: watching a carefully saved digital recording of the greatest musical in the history of the moving picture, Singin' in the Rain, without lapsing into my annual tryptophan coma! If the enormously entertaining dance numbers by Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor wouldn't have kept me fully alert, knowing that Cyd Charisse would soon be flashing her extra­ordinary gams, did the trick.

Having alerted my visiting stepson-in-law, a sculptor of some minor renown, to the im­minent appearance of those long legs, he acknowledged that they were, in fact, like a "limousine," but noted they were the more so for her relatively short torso.

The young man certainly knows the female anatomy!


1. Matlynn Carville said...

Yes there are kids still starving in "The Bottom" and on the Bridgehampton Turnpike, Speir, and STILL they're starving, despite your heroic rescue of the scattered sweet!

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