Biting my tongue only so much!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Biting my tongue only so much!

Westhampton Beach Board Hires Former Clerk To Train New Clerk

"......Village Board members voted in favor of rehiring retired Village Clerk Kathy McGinnis to train new a new and as yet unnamed village clerk/treasurer...."

For the second time in a week, this was done as a walk-on resolution by Deputy Mayor Hank Tucker who, under the rubric "fiduciary responsibility" has no compunc­tions about the profligate spending of taxpayer money.

First it was the hiring of Bellport Attorney Scott Augus­tine to oversee fiscal audits of the Village, closely followed by the broadening of his commission.

(Foreshadowing: he also served as Bellport's Village Clerk.)

And now this pour boire handed out to Mrs. McGinnis... and let's not forget the next gleam in his eye: the creating of the position of Village Administrator and doing away with that of the Village Clerk.

So why am I more saddened rather than angry about the McGinnis appointment?

Because we worked together for many years and were friendly since she took over as Clerk of the Village in 1995. She held things together for four different admin­istrations (Pettit, Wilenski, Strebel and Teller), and moved that office from an "Underwood standard" into one of networked computers.

In short, Kathy McGinnis accomplished much in bringing Westhampton Beach into the 21st century.

And if her reasons for taking this ad hoc position were the desire to be of use during a period of transition, that would be fine... if the incoming Clerk required tooling up for the ways of Westhampton Beach.

(If it's who it should be, though, the new Village Clerk will do just fine without any proctoring!)

But, one of the worst kept secrets aroud Village Hall, that's not what this is about... directed at Mayor Conrad Teller, it's a personal matter by Mrs. McGinnis who blames Teller1 for her son no longer working at Village Hall, and it's a political one for Tucker who still has eyes on the office he failed to win three years ago.

Ostensibly to make the transition a smooth one, it's actually going to be a rougher one with Mrs. McGinnis back in Village Hall.

The sole amusing aspect of this is that Tucker, who has trouble counting past ten without taking his shoes off, thought he had gotten this done last week!

But he doesn't care... it's only our money!

  1. To give her "devils" their due, Mrs. McGinnis also places that blame on Building Administrator Paul Houlihan and Police Chief Ray Dean.


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