Like to see this happen...

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Like to see this happen... truth, I'd like to see anything happen in this particular location!

New Mediterranean Restaurant Could Open In Westhampton Beach

It would be a great boon to the downtown area on several counts.

This used to be an Esso service station 60 years ago.

Not only would it offer another choice when considering a place to dine out locally, but it would utilize what has been an empty lot for too many decades.

I was critical of the two year Wilenski-Pescod-Czachur administration (1996-1998), but the stockade fencing it erected around that parcel on the corner of Main Street and Library Avenue was an excellent idea!

Before that, it had been a freakin' eyesore... at as im­portant an intersection downtown as Montauk Highway and Old Riverhead Road/Oak Street is uptown, so we can but hope that Barry Bernstein, who hasn't been in any big rush to develop that parcel, follows through on this latest plan.

It sold gasoline there: ESSO brand.

Disclosure: I have a personal attachment to that little piece of property.

Back in the late '50s when the automotive business started by Mike Parlato well before I was born, was being operated by a fellow named Al Johns, the corner lot housed a gas station/service center... and my first salaried job.

("Working in a filling station, too many tasks
check the oil, check the tires,
wash the windows, dollar gas....
  – Chuck Berry, Too Much Money Business)

Pumping gasoline (@ 23.9¢/gallon), changing oil and lubing chassis... and working lots of overtime be­cause man­ager, Joe Barauskus, had been ill. It all added up, and if you did a good job cleaning the front and rear windows, you might get tossed a quarter tip.

Everything about that job is long gone: the prices, the "service" which came standard at the pump, the hydraulic lift in the single bay, and of course the building itself.

It would be good to see the locale open for business again, tapas or whatever.


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