Warning Warning Warning...

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Warning Warning Warning...

...carpetbagger alert! If you found a glossy magazine in your mailbox lately and didn't immediately toss the sucker because of the large "Westhampton Life" across the cover, beware!

It has about as much to do with "Westhampton" or "life" in our area as "Harper's Bazaar" does with open air markets in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia... or, for that matter, bucks locking antlers on Aspatuck Road.

May issue of "Westhampton Life"

(Nor is it a continuation of a title that the late Dave Willmott, publisher of "Suffolk Life," once registered.)

It's a 32-page, self-covered full-color magazine edited by a Kevin Haslam, published by Hibu and mailed from King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

(Hibu née Yell Group plc, is a multi-national directories and Internet services company head­quartered in Read­ing, UK, and presently in serious financial straits.)

Content providers include Tony Morisset, Texas massage therapist Rhonda Porter, Ed Harbes (writing about Harbes Family Farm), Liz Taggart ("a regular contributor to River­head Life magazine"), Sara Battaglia, Chris Brown and staff writer Lisa Roche Gratama.

(Yeah, I know... who???)

The most recognizable souce of content, though, is... no kidding... Wikipedia!

There's about eight pages of advertising... no telling how much of it is actually paid in cash or in kind... and without a web presence, there's no rate card or media kit.

Someone will likely be approaching area businesses shortly with the May issue as a sample, and offering very attractive rates.

Beware! Especially of anyone who deems the spelling of "Westhampton Beach" to be optional.

I realize the publication is a start-up, but honest-to-Henry Robinson Luce, who in their right mind starts up a magazine in this day of the digital age?


1. Kris Vanderslice said...

It's put out by the Yellowbook and sold to their clients. And yes... they are cutting deals and telling clients they get better exposure in that magazine as it's delivered directly to "your target market!" Full disclosure: I sell ads for The Southampton Press.

I appreciate the candor, Kris, there's no better source than thems what are in the trenches on a daily basis. Thanks for the confirmation.

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