If not the 'Smoking Gun,' then...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

If not the 'Smoking Gun,' then...

...certain inferences can reasonably be made from the wording of the March 16, 2013 letter to the Village from the accounting firm of Satty, Levine & Ciacco over the signature of Managing Partner Frank W. Sluter.

Addressed to the Mayor and copied to Scott Augustine and the Board of Trustees, it reads:

Dear Mayor Teller,

In reply to your letter of March 12, 2013:

The original report given to Special Counsel-Scott Augustine was changed by adding a three page "summary" dated March 5, 2013. The summary was done without the knowledge, request or consent of Special Counsel; it was done only for the sole purpose of trying to summarize, for the board, a very voluminous and detailed report. Our intention of the summary was to be helpful by clarifying certain issues in light of the meeting were we expected to present our findings being canceled by Special Counsel due to weather and illness.

However, with hindsight the March 5th summary/addition was prepared prematurely and should be disregard­ed and stricken from the report. After the March 5th summary is removed from the report then there is in fact only one report, copies of which, have been provided to the Mayor, Board of Trustees and Special Counsel.

In accordance with our original engagement letter we are ready and willing to appear before the Board once Special Counsel set the meeting and verbally summarize our report as needed.

That three page "summary" was what had Special Counsel Augustine in a lather at the March Vilage Board meeting.

Note that Augustine, per the video, initially felt that the extensive audit report prepared by John Lundy was sufficiently "thorough, fair and unbiased" that it should be released to the Village Board.

It was only after Augustine read the professionally prepared "summary" that he went nuts, and stated that its presence somehow "altered the report;" (cf: video).

Why would that be?

The simple explanation... the only explanation... is that the professionally prepared "summary" precluded an alternative summary that Augustive and the three stooges desired to present.

It's important to remember exactly who retained the serv­ices of Scott Augustine.

O, and it should also be noted that a portion of the above Sluter letter was read into the public record at an earlier meeting by Trustee Patricia DiBenedetto, carefully omitting the important first ("The original report given to Special Counsel....") paragraph.

The three stooges, while unable to "cook the books," are doing their best to manipulate the report to their own nefarious ends.


1. Crabby said...

Why? What do they want it to say?

The scenario, which became apparent at the March meeting, was for Augustine to paint it as revealing a pattern of fiscal mismanagement by the Mayor, something the professionally prepared summary would not have supported.

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