All hail the terrible 'gun lobby!'

Thursday, April 18, 2013

All hail the terrible 'gun lobby!'

My late friend Neal Knox always began his appearances at public gatherings with the salutation, "Hello, gun lobby!"

He was speaking to the garden variety firearms owner and supporter of the Constitution, the very same American citizen that President Obama railed against as a "willful liar," made Vice-President Biden weepy, sent Senator Diane Feinstein into a paroxysm of finger-wagging, launched NYC Mayor Bloomberg into a tirade, and editorial pages across the country into a reflex of extreme objurgation.

The issue, naturally, was gun control, and the failure of the Senate to pass the "most sensible" of the legislation pro­posed in the emotional wake of the Connecticut elemen­tary school murders by a deranged shooter last December.

Never mind that the bipartisan Manchin-Toomey "Safe Communities, Safe Schools Act of 2013," S-649, would have done nothing to prevent the Newtown tragedy, for me there's a bigger issue.

As provided by the Brady Law signed by President Clinton in 1994, the National Instant Criminal Background Check Sys­tem went on-line in December 1998.

Except in those states where an equally strict or stricter firearms permitting system is in place, anyone wishing to take possession of a firearm from a Federal Firearms licensee, must first fill out a Form 4473 and be approved by the FBI's NICS section.

The prospective purchaser must sign the form certifying that, under penalty of perjury, the responses "are true, correct and complete."

It also states that swearing falsely is "a crime punishable as a felony under Federal law, and may also violate State and/or local law."

That felony, according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, is "punishable by up to ten years in prison", depending on prior convictions and a judge's discretion.

Federal statistics for 2010, the last year currently available, show that there were more than 72,600 applications denied on the basis of the NICS background check.

Of those instances of information falsification and attempts at unlawful gun possession, prosecutors singled out 62 cases for consideration... yet pursued just 44 of them.

When questioned about this in January, Vice-President Biden told the White House gun violence task force:

"Regarding the lack of prosecutions on lying on Form 4473s, we simply don't have the time or manpower to prosecute everybody who lies on a form, that checks a wrong box, that answers a question inaccurately."

Yet, following the failure of the Senate to pass S-649, I and other members of my club are castigated by Obama, Biden, Feinstein, Bloomberg, et al, because a meaningless law didn't pass, a law that would have allowed them to issue press releases that they'd done something meaningful to curb "gun violence."

(This is a view apparently shared overwhelmingly by the law enforcement community across the country.)

Obama and Biden, Feinstein, Bloomberg and Cuomo... blow it out your barracks bag!

Get back to me and the rest of your detested "gun lobby" when you really want to do something to reduce firearms-related crime.


1. 1340 said...

There you go again........ clouding the issue with facts.

Trying to, at least.

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