April Village Board Work Session

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April Village Board Work Session

What a mish-mosh of a meeting at Six Corners this evening... the only item calendared was the monthly Work Session of the Westhampton Beach Village Board, but there was supposed to be...

  • a public hearing on the 2013-2014 tentative Village Budget held over from April 4th's regular meeting;
  • a semi-formal discussion of Andrew Mendelson's request for inclusion of "grocery store" for the B3 zoning district in which one of his parcels is located. This was rescheduled at the request of Village Planner Kyle Collins;
  • a discussion by the Village's auditor, John Lundy, a Senior Partner of Satty, Levine & Ciacco who, for health reasons has been a no-show over the past seven weeks, and was again a no-show for reasons undisclosed;

The only other thing which went off relatively cleanly was the holdovers from the monthly meeting, but even that got messy when, following the appointments of seasonal personnel for the Beaches, the Marina, the DPW, Police Officers and Traffic Control Officers, Trustee Junior Palmer felt called upon to make a rambling statement as to why he wouldn't vote to approve the Beach hires.

Less than articulate and poorly delivered... seems like Palmer's been taking elocution lessions from Deputy Mayor Hank Tucker... he directly accused the (retained) Beach Manager of improprieties during Summer 2012. Tucker joined Palmer in voting no.

Again held over were the 2011-2012 Budget Transfers as well as ratification of the Police Contract, during which motion Trustee Ralph Urban had to lean over and quietly explain to Tucker just what was meant by a "Memorandum of Understanding."

Approved were requests for use of Village property by St. Mark's Church, Remsenburg-Speonk Parent-Teachers Organization and (for the sidewalks of Main Street for two days) WHAM, the same group which earlier this month spiked WHB PAC's request to close part of Main Street for seven hours to present a live concert.

Other matters broached during the Special Meeting-cum-Work Session...

(They actually suspended discussions while everyone moved from the platform down to the tables in from of the platform!)

...included upgrading the security cameras throughout the Village, a 59% increase of Building Permit fees, the progress of the Beach Bakery's reconstruction and expansion, and... wait for it!... the creation of the permanent position of Village Administrator in lieu of a Village Clerk.

Especially disturbing during the Special Meeting were repeated references to "several discrepencies found during the (still unreleased) audit" by all of the three stooges, yet a refusal to provide any specifics.

O, yeah... the Village Election is two months away, and Tucker and Patricia DiBenedetto have just declared their intentions to run for reëlection.


1. Old-timer said...

I think Palmer may have opened a can of worms....

Not quite sure how you mean this, but my own observation is that I've never seen him less comfortable speaking publicly. He usually speaks very quickly, so quickly that it's often hard to follow him, and drops in a bunch of acronyms. Last evening he stumbled, fumbled, repeated meaningless little phrases while he searched for coherency... and failed. It was unusual.

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