Got'er good this year!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Got'er good this year!

Jeanne, whose birthday was yesterday, hates surprises... loves to surprise others, of course, but the higher power forbid that she be on the receiving end of a "gotcha" herself, and has developed an uncanny ability to suss out, and thwart, my attempts to fête her surreptitiously.

Or maybe I'm just inept in such matters... 'til yesterday.

It was pretty much spontaneous on my part for the simple reason that it hadn't occurred to me that Monday was her birthday 'til late Sunday afternoon when we'd put the finishing touches on our tax filings and the Ides of April was rattling around in my brain.

Then it hit me! An uncommon "Eureka!-with-attendant-desperation" moment!

"Ack! Tomorrow's your birthday!"

"Yeah... don't sweat it," she said. "We've been focused on getting the taxes filed...."

Right! I was neither born yesterday nor married last week.

It was all kinda impromptu on my part, but the first stop in such matters is Lynne's Cards and Gifts for the cards part, 'cause Lynne gives good cards, including some really "rude" (not raunchy) ones that particularly tickle Jeanne's quirky sense of hilarity.

A sampling of those from the "wife" section... at least three is de rigueur... and then a mad dash to West Main Street in Riverhead for a personalized Snowflake ice cream cake, then back home to await contact from the birthday girl while signing the cards and placing them in strategic locations around the house.

A little after 7:00 pm the birthday girl calls, and says she feels like eating out... "someplace simple... not dressy 'cause I don't want to have to change."

"Any place in mind?"
"Well, what's open on a Monday this time of year?"

"As in something that we haven't been to lately?" I prod.

"How 'bout Jonesy's? They make a decent burger, don't they?"

She's played right into my hands. "I guess," I respond, implying a yawn without the actual sound effect. "Come straight home and we'll go."

And so we did... and as happenstance would have it, it was Burger Night with an "Add your own topping at 50¢ per" option. Perfect!

Just as we order a second round of beverages, the burgers arrive with... wow!, things are really looking up!... some much crispier fries than they used to serve. Great!

(Not quite as good as Finn McCool's was serving toward the end, but a big improvement!)

Halfway through the meal someone near us starts singing "Happy Birthday" and I think, "O, well..." but it is for a little girl out celebrating with her family.


Then when our server is clearing the table, she asks the obligatory "Would you like to see a dessert menu?" as she slips behind Jeanne and gives me the ol' "Now?" look.

A minuter later they come back with the Snowflake ice cream cake surmounted by a single sparkling candle, and Jeanne is not only surprised but delighted as she recognizes the origin of the splendid confection.

It was all good... and in our entire time together, it's the best I've ever "gotten" her!

Which means that next year... should we be spared... will be just that much harder.


1. Jeanne Speir said...

Yup, you got me this year. Love ya, babe!

[heh heh]
– Dean

2. Rob F. said...

So you fooled her by playing dumb, but you weren't really playing? Brilliant!

P.S. Belated happy birthday, Jeanne!

No, her birthday actually did sneak up on me this year... but from that "Eureka!" moment, it was improvise and feints from there on in!

3. Jeanne Speir said...


4. Bruce Tria said...

First, happy birthday, Jeanne. It's been a while since you were in BDR's in Riverhead. Second, Dean what were you thinking? Not only have you raised the bar for yourself, but you have raised the bar for the rest of us. Thanks!

Golly! Hadn't considered that aspect... what could I have been thinking?

5. Hampton West said...

Happy Birthday, Jeanne!!!!

You're only sixteen but you're Dean's teenage queen.

You probably just earned yourselves another dinner invite!
– Dean

6. Jackie Bennett said...

An ecard went sent to my dear pal Jeanne and hasn't been picked up yet. It is very good to hear that you surprised her with such delightful success. Love to you both.

This will remind her to go and open it up.

7. Jeanne Speir said...

  1. Bruce, we may well see you in the next day or so. That is, if our North of Main Street buddy Jerry is around. Feel the love!
  2. Hampton West, yeah, after a note like that, you can name the date for dinner, dude.
  3. Dear Jackie, I haven't seen that ecard yet, but I'll keep looking.

Maybe it's a $#%^&* Macintosh thing, Jackie... try sending it again.

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