So fair a day I have not yet seen...

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

So fair a day I have not yet seen...

...this early in the Spring: 80°F, as I write this. Or if I have, I certainly don't recall it.

Good reason! If Long Island Weather is to be trusted, the record high for this date was 73°F in 1981.

'S all right with me! Jeanne, the dogs and I were actually out, if not quite sunning outselves, then taking the air.

If an aeroplane doesn't crash in a Bethpage subdivision, the weather will doubtless be the lead story on News12 LI this evening, and front page Newsday tomorrow.

Remember, you read it here first.


1. Jim said...

Ready for a new neighbor? And lots of cameras? Lindsay Lohan will be at Seafield Center May 2 for 90 days!!

You and Erica from Patch may consider TMZ a reliable source, or anything to do with the Lohan family as newsworthy, but remember when papa Michael Lohan was going to open a nightlub at the much-missed Annona?

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