Stick it, Scott Boras!

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Stick it, Scott Boras!

In my personal pantheon of off-the-field sports personages, the bottom three names, in descending order, are Michelle Beadle (as they used to say in olden days, "no better than she ought to be," Jim Rome (a punk) and "super agent" Scott Boras.

So it warmed the recesses of my black heart this morning when I heard on WFAN that Boras had been dismissed by New York Yankees perenniel All Star second baseman and Most Valuable Player candidate Robinson Canó.

Cano Fires Agent and Signs With Jay-Z's Agency

(For the uninitiated... like me... "Jay-Z" née Shawn Corey Carter, is a hugely successful hip-hop artist, entrepreneur and part-owner of the newly relocated Brooklyn Nets. Now he also has a Major League Baseball-certified sports agency as well.)

I love seeing someone... anyone... stick it to Boras the way that Boras has so often stuck it to teams and fans!

As a Los Angeles Dodgers fan, I think of Boras' actions involving the team and players such as Adrián Beltré and J.D. Drew, both of whom indicated they wanted to stay with the team, but who Boras led elsewhere.

Each situation was especially egregious:

  • Beltré was signed as a 15 or 16 year old out of the Dominican Republic and nursed through serious health problems 'til be became a starter at third base... traditionally a Dodgers problematic position... in 1999. In 2004 he enjoyed a monster season, leading the major league with 48 home runs, batting in 121 runs and hitting .304.

    Boras took him to the Seattle Mariners, which, in my view showed a decided lack of character on Beltré's part.
  • Drew signed a big five year contact with the Dodgers, played less than half of his first season due to injury, had a decent year in 2006 and then, less than a week after telling the team he was looking forward to returning in 2007, opted out and let Boras take him to Boston.

    Again, a major character issue with Drew!

Character? Hall of Famer George Brett, he of the celebrated pine tar melt-down, played 21 seasons with the same Kansas City Royals team, each on a one-year contract, and never once tested the free agent market.

And baseball fans everywhere remember how Boras tried to upstage Game 4 of the 2007 World Series with his wholly unnecessary E-mail about Alex Rodriguez opting out of his Yankees contract.

Canó, fortunately for the Bronx faithful, likes playing for the Yankees and wants to work out a contract extension.

Boras' well-established style is for his clients to play out their current contract and let the bidding dictate where the player winds up the following season.

Canó, admirably, has thrown the yellow flag and sent Boras packing.

Let's hope it's a trend.


1. Hambone said...

Unfortunately for the Dodgers J.D. Drew showed his lack of character before he was an MLB player. He was a #1 pick for Philadelphia who for once was actually excited with their number one pick (remember the day McNabb was drafted). Boras held out for an unheard of sum and eventually had Drew play for St. Paul in an independent league and re-enter the draft where he was selected by the Cardinals.

J.D. was more than a willing participant in all these events.

And... and... and this is at variance with what I wrote... how, exactly?

Teams in all professional sports need to have not just talent scouts, but character evaluators. The Dodgers would never have gone after Drew or signed Manny Ramirez to that absurd two-year contract, and the Detroit Lions wouldn't have wasted two successive #1 draft picks on drug addicts! This business of "We'll overlook some character issues because the guy can turn in a 4.5 second 40-yard dash" is crap!
– Dean

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