<i>'<b>Game</b>'</i> on!

Monday, April 01, 2013

'Game' on!

Season three of "Game of Thrones" did kick-off last evening, and while some aficionados may have felt it sub-standard for its lack of action, it got us back into the narra­tive flow after a 42 week hiatus.

No major deaths but we met some major new personages and saw the return of the honorable aging peerless warrior Ser Barristan Selmy after being unceremoniously put out to pasture by faux King Joffrey and his über-bitch of an incest-inclined mother, Cersei, at the end of season one.

And yes, there were dragons... by the new Gods and old, they've gotten big in a relatively short span of time... and equally welcomed was a large white dire wolf just in time to save Samwell Tarly from something ghastly.

I love dire wolves... especially white ones... and rank them right up there with Daenerys' dragons!

O, yeah! The "Game" is definitely on!


1. Dune Mind said...

Belated Easter greetings to you, O Mighty Onthbeachfulness~!

And Passover salutations to you as well, DM... been a while.

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