And the survey sez...

Friday, March 29, 2013

And the survey sez...

...that these are "The 12 Worst Supermarkets in America," according to Consumer Reports.

This is a subject near and dear to the heart of my (now retired) tour chef daughter, who long ago posited that the local Waldbaum's, née A&P, was the second worst super­market in the United States, inversely surpassed only by a since-shuttered Piggly Wiggly outside of Dallas.

In descending order:

  1. Stop & Shop, but I'm confident that few here would include them on any "Worst" list.
  1. Acme, a brand with which I'm unfamiliar out­side of the Roadrunner cartoons.
  1. Ralph's, limited to Southern California.
  1. Pick ‘n Save, only in Wisconson.
  1. Food Lion, none in New York.

(It should be noted that the above cited each had identical "73/100" consumer scores.)

  1. Weis Markets, apparently with no locations in New York.
  1. Tops Markets, with the closest one being up­state in Cooperstown!

(Say hey! Baseball season starts Sunday.)

  1. Jewel-Osco, far, far from Long Island.
  1. A & P, with a "70/100" score, and an overall "fairly satisfied on cleanliness."
  1. Shaw's... is closest is Clinton, Connecticut.
  1. Walmart Supercenter... if you really wanna go to New Haven, Connecticut.

And the biggest loser, with a rating of "68/70," is...

  1. Pathmark! Like Waldbaum's, also owned by A&P! While the nearest one is in Shirley, when Jeanne was commuting home from Queens, she liked the one on the corner of Route 112 and Sunrise Highway.

The same group also did "The 10 Best Supermarkets in America" and #2 overall, with an "88/100" was Trader Joe's, a name often brought up in conversations about the awfulness of our local Waldbaum's, as in....

"Why can't we have a Trader Joe's here?"

The closest one to Westhampton Beach is in Lake Grove at Smith Haven Plaza and, sad to relate, none planned closer anytime in the foreseeable future.

(Pssst!, Andrew Mendelson...)

I have a surefire tack for you to take in your tireless pursuit of having "grocery story" added to the B3 Code.

Just pony up my regular consulting fee, which will be enough for me to relocate to a redder state so I don't have to watch the destruction of my Village.


1. Jeanne Speir said...

My favorite quasi-local store is now ShopRite just South of Pathmark on Route 112. (I won't go to the one in Shirley... it's just filthy!) This will remain my favorite local until Fairway or Zabar's decides to come East.

It's doubtful we'll see Zabar's expand out of Manhattan in our lifetimes, but there's always hope for Fairway.

2. Bruce Tria said...

"Just pony up my regular consulting fee, which will be enough for me to relocate to a redder state so I don't have to watch the destruction of my Village."
Written like a Riverhead politician.
Everything I ever knew 'bout that, I learned from Gene Reyer and Joe Janowski.

3. Jackie Bennett said...

And my favorite grocery store is the magnificent King Kullen in Hampton Bays. I coaxed the dearly beloved over here to shop with me there last week so he could see for himself why I rave about the place so much: it's clean, it's well stocked, and every department is its own kiosk. You can even avoid the check-out lines and check-yourself-out. I can't say enough about the joy of shopping there.

[sigh] Probably not here, not in our lifetimes, dear lady.

4. Jeanne Speir said...

Yes, you're right. The regular King Kullen in Hampton Bays is really nice. I just don't head out that way much, and my new job puts me right next door to a decent... and clean!... King Kullen.

By "regular" my wife means the newer store in 11946 as opposed to the "specialty" one at their former location, re-branded as Wild by Nature. It's still a part of the Cullen family, though.

5. Ray Overton said...

After spending 10 weeks in the Rochester area last year, bring on a Wegman's{sic} any day of the week. Totally superb supermarket with extremely competitive pricing.

'S'all right with you, 's'all with me... in the survey cited, they were ranked Number 1 overall in the country with a rating of 88/100, two points higher than Trader Joe's. Unfortunately the four closest locations to Westhampton Beach are scattered about New Jersey.

You should note that, for some reason, Wegmans doesn't use an apostrophe in it's name.

6. Charlie said...

Evidently and grammatically, the name refers to the several Wegmans as people and not to the possession of the store by the several or singular Wegman(s).

(As soon as I saw that "{sic}," I thought, "I can't believe he is going to bust Ray's balls over an apostrophe.")

Now I believe.
Of course you do... you've known me almost 60 years, so you must know that I am the Language Pedant. The family name is "Wegman," and for some reason their chair is branded as Wegmans. I'd've made the same mistake as Ray until I looked it up.

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