Look what I found!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Look what I found!

Sundance Channel logo

Never knew whether our line-up on Cablevision included Sun­dance Channel, and never much thought about it 'til an original series, "Top of the Lake," began getting some buzz these past weeks.

For several years the channels I watch have been on the HD end of the spectrum, 702 – 826, and I'd never noticed Sun­dance before... because it's still down with the standard de­finition channels, at #192.

Aside from the sought after series, it's got a pretty decent line-up of older, non-mainstream movies.


1. Champ19 said...

Dean, According to the last Cablevision tech I spoke with a few weeks ago, all the channels, not just the 700 (and up) numbered ones, are HD. Or so he says.

You get IFC as well, some interesting content once and a while.

I see the trend that way, Champ, but it's not complete at this writing. Just look at Channel 192... as well as, randomly, 34, 59, 68 and 109.

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