A couple of announcements...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A couple of announcements...

  1. Former Southampton Town Supervisor Linda Kabot has formally thrown her size 6¾ chapeau into the ring for her old job, the one currently held for two terms by crypto-Democrat-cum-Inde­pendent Anna Throne-Holst.

Kabot Campaign Kicks Off

  1. Based on her first two year term as Town Super­visor, I am unabashedly in the tank for Ms. Kabot, whether she gets the GOP nomination or not.

Don't screw this up, Linda... there's some butt-kicking needed in Town Hall, and you're the only one around who's demonstrated the ability to do it!


1. Hampton West said...

Waldo, this Southampton Town police thing is really out of control. I like Linda very much as Supervisor but don't know if past "nonsense" in the Town PD will rub on her.

Wait a minute, HW... "this Southampton Town police thing " accrues to the current Supervisor and Town Board. Mrs. Kabot hasn't been there for the past 3½ years.

One of the biggest things that Mrs. Kabot has going for her is that the Town PBA hated her and played footsie with Ms. Throne-Holst. Whatever unwise personal decisions she may or may not have made, she is much more politically astute at this point in her career, and she always was a top notch Trustee Councilwoman and Supervisor.
– Dean

2. 1340 said...

Allow me... she was a CouncilPerson, not a Trustee.

Ack! Brain phart! Error corrected... thank you.

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