March Village Board Meeting, II...

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March Village Board Meeting, II...

...being the rest of the story... so far.

When last we left the Thursday, March 7th meeting, there was a hubbub of discussions among attendees, some trying to make sense of what they'd just witnessed, and others wondering what had happened to the little bit of political theater they'd specifically been invited to watch.

And in the swirling snow Special Counsel Scott Augustine was fleeing Westward, probably to do a one and one-half gainer into a quart of his preferred adult beverage to numb the pain from the battering he'd just received when that ineptly-crafted skit had blown up in his face!

This morning things began advancing very quickly, starting with reporter Erin McKinley's reasonably thorough filing on 27East...

Attorney Accuses Westhampton Beach Village Trustees Of Altering Audit

...which should be the lead story in tomorrow's Southampton Press Western Edition, hopefully with a more accurate headline1.

(Another quibble: Ms. McKinley characterized Special Counsel's exit from the meeting as "storming out" when "scurrying out like a kicked cur" would have portrayed the fuller flavor of the moment.)

Having already reported contemporaneously on the meeting, hereunder are the relevant 23 minutes2, from the time Augustine took to the podium and started making allegations, to the time when Mayor Conrad Teller called the meeting and went into Executive Session.

Interpretations of the actions are reserved for a later date after OtBB visitors have had the opportunity to review the clip.

  1. Had the headline writer seen the video and paid close attention, I have every confidence that the headline would have read: "Attorney Stops Just Short of Accusing Westhampton Beach Mayor Of Altering Audit."
  2. Obtained from the Village earlier today under a FOIL request.


1. Tugboat Bertha said...

Wow! Thanks so much for posting this video, and thanks for your vigilance in keeping us informed.

Thank you, Madam, but to what end I do this? No one seems to care what's going on in Village government... except thee, me and at least two others... because they continuely elect idiots and ne'er-do-wells.

It's past the point of disheartening, it's disgusting.

2. John Roland said...

It is disgusting, Dean. And made all the more so because the people of the Village don't seem to realize they're only hurting themselves. I still can't get over the night they kicked Tim Laube in the teeth and broke his heart. And yet, God bless him, he still works his butt off to give the folks there a fabulous Saint Patrick's Day parade. Not to mention what they did to you.

I'm beginning to doubt they'll ever wake up.

I always come back to the last line of "Chinatown." Forget it, John. It's Westhampton Beach.

3. Crabby said...

Thanks for the video. Where did they find this attorney? He was clearly unprepared and halting. We paid for him? "Trustees" Tucker and DiBenedetto (talk about oxymorons, with an emphasis on the last two syllables), were embarrassing in their awful attempts to communicate. Blah blah blah blah, "Say WHAT?" Go to the tapes, you two inept humans. Learn from your mistakes. Take speech lessons. Use notes. Read up before the meeting. Stay on topic.

Palmer's silence was blessed. Urban's articulateness, clarity and non-confrontational, direct addressing of the issues was a breath of fresh air.

Dude. Thank you.

"Crabby?" More like "cranky!"

Not that I disagree with most of your assessments. That said, upon first hand observation, I am of the firm opinion that Special Counsel Augustine did have something prepared, but either through Augustine's own ineptitude or the Mayor derailing him, couldn't pull it off. From those members of the Empress of Oneck's claque in attendance, it looked like some "theater" was planned, with Conrad Teller winding up under the wheels of the three stooges' bus. Ennnt! Not so fast, bunky!

And with no disrespect to Trustee Urban, but I don't really see him as a "dude" type.

O, and where did they find Attorney Augustine? He was a Hank Tucker "find," which means that he was recruited by former Trustee Joan Levan.

4. Scarlett said...

"Members of the Empress of Oneck's claque in attendance...." Do tell!

I mean, as the New York tabloids like to say, those "with close ties" to Joan Levan like Michelle Buggé and, by familial association, Buggé's sister. (Who, by her own statement, lives in Quiogue, pronouncing it "quee-oog." Why else was she at a Village meeting?)

It may be time to retire the "Empress" appellation. I think "Circe" might be more appropriate.

5. Crabby said...

Brilliant analogy. As per your Circe link: "She invited Odysseus' crew to a feast of familiar food..... sweetened with honey and laced with wine, but also laced with one of her magical potions, and she turned them all into swine with a wand after they gorged themselves on it."

LOL. Here, in the "tony burg" of Westhampton Beach, I understand it's Circe's seductive cookies.

It is also well established when our local "Circe" is mad at someone that those cookies disappear.

I suspect she had Charlie Palmer at "Hello, would you like some fresh-baked cookies?"

LOL, indeed!

I suspect that you know Junior Palmer personally... or live in his neighborhood.

O, and it's not an "analogy," but a reference.

6. EastEnd68 said...

Great link to "Circe" complete with nude statue of the Empress.

That likeness is a bit on the Botticellian side for many, but then neither Twiggy nor Kate Moss ever did much for me.

But Circe is a great metaphor for this circumstance... Junior Palmer won't like it and Hank Tucker won't get it, but it works for me.

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