Saturday Night on the Town...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday Night on the Town...

Nice dinner a deux at Finn McCool's this evening before the movie at PAC.

Specifically went to learn if a blog-reader's assertion earlier this week, that the much-lamented "Bangers'n'Mashed" missing from the menu since last Spring after Chef Gordon Ramsay had commandeered the kitchen and re-ordered the Mazzio family's lives, could be had for the asking.

However, the tasty traditional Oirish pub entry was, in fact, not to be had for any amount of asking, only a promise from proprietor Andrew "Buddy" Mazzio:

"As soon as I find another purveyor of au­thentic 'bangers.' I'm working on that now."

A "Guinness burger" was ordered instead, and was deemed not only acceptable, but likely the Village's better burger since of the other top contenders, one changed hands and its repu­tation went South with the previous owner, and the other closed its doors a year ago, ap­parently over a dispute with the New York State Sales Tax people who can be even more ruthless than the IRS.

Sad to relate, the off-season dining opportun­ities in Westhampton Beach, for one reason or another, aren't as extensive as they were several years ago.


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