'Dirty Deeds' don't come cheap...

Monday, March 04, 2013

'Dirty Deeds' don't come cheap...

...as documents, obtained under the Freedom of In­for­mation Law related to the Great Hazelwood Avenue Land Grab of 1996-1997, show just how much the at­tempt­ed swindle cost the taxpayers of Westhampton Beach.

In order to retain a certain portion of land deed granted to the Village by Isabel J. and Alanson N. Rogers "on or about December 28th, 1931," the municipality was obliqed to expend $93,079.75 in legal and other professional fees between 2007 and 2011.

And since the action, East End Concrete & Stone vs. Carnevale, Josephine, is still in court before Justice Jerry Garguilo, more costs may be forthcoming!

It is perhaps instructive to note that defendant Carnevale's original counsel, James N. Hulme, then of Kelly & Hulme, has been replaced in the matter by Es­seks, Hefter & Angel, LLP of Riverhead.

As previously reported, this is because, following seven days of testimony, the original trial judge, State Supreme Court Justice Melvyn Tanenbaum halted the proceedings, directed Mr. Hulme to remove himself as the Carnevale attorney, and referred the files and transcripts to the Tenth Judicial District Grievance Committee for review and District Attor­ney Thomas Spota for possible action.

All this is a matter of public record, and didn't required the retaining of a Special Counsel to uncover the facts.

I mention this because it's not ±$22,000 that has been a major issue with the three stooges on the Village Board, but over $93,000 out of taxpayers' pockets because of an attempted fraud!

Yes, those are the same three stooges blustering about the "fiduciary responsibility" with which they are charged on behalf of the residents of Westhampton Beach.

Hank Tucker, Patricia DiBenedetto and Junior Palmer... are you or are you not serious about your fiduciary responsibil­ities, or is that just smokescreen posturing in service to your puppet mistresses' bidding?


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