Early Spring Training Report

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Early Spring Training Report

It's mid-February and the sound of horsehide smacking into cowhide is starting to be heard all over Florida and Arizona as baseball camps are open for pitchers and catchers.

While my eyes used to turn to Vero Beach, for the past six years my Los Angeles Dodgers have held their Spring Train­ing at Camelback Ranch in Glendale, Arizona from which locale emanated this report.

Medication helps Greinke to perform at high level

While my first response in this era of regular revelations about athletes using illegal performance-enhancing drugs was "ack!," no such worries attach to the Dodgers $147 million pitcher.

(In earlier times, if George Steinbrunner had spent that sort of money on a player, I would've gone nuts! Sports fans, however, are exempt from charges of hypocrisy.)

Zach Greinke's little helper?

"The medication is Zoloft, a commonly prescribed anti-depressant that Greinke credits for enabling him to manage social anxiety disorder and depression."

(O for the love of Mackey Sasser... he gets the yips!)

Greinke said in his interview with MLB.com:

"The medicine is the greatest thing ever. The only problem is that I feel it makes me a little tired, that's the only com­plaint. It's amazing."

(Great! While the rest of the ballpark is taking their 7th inning stretch, Greinke will be taking a nap.)

Left unsaid was the bad news, that his sex life is almost non-existant, but Zoloft being Zoloft, he doesn't care.


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