It's Over in Southampton Town…

Friday, November 16, 2007

It's Over in Southampton Town… the counting house reports that Repub­lican candidate for Supervisor Linda Kabot, as moon calf-loony as many consider her, has a lead of about 65 votes with only about 40 con­tested Absentee Ballots yet to be counted, or not, as the Board of Elections Commissioners will determine.

Democratic candidate Jim Henry has yet to offer a concession, but it can be hoped that he ends his campaign on a higher note than it started... getting nabbed vandalizing an op­ponent's sign in the front yard of Ann LaWall, Secretary of the Southampton Town GOP organization.

(The stoopid bastid might've actually sur­vived that grotesque faux pas had his initial red-handed response not been "Hey!, everyone else does it!"

Mebbe, mebbe not, but as was pre­viously noted, when one is touting one's leadership abilities, commanding officers don't get busted doing silly grunt work!

But unlike Democratic Can­di­dates for Town Supervisor over the past decade, Mr. Henry was still in it not only through Election Day, but right up to an hour ago. A six dozen vote loss out of 13,500 ballots cast, is extremely competitive!)

Most eyes will now be on Mrs. Kabot for some hint as to whom she will name to fill out her unexpired two-years on the Town Board where she will assume the Supervisor's seat come January, serving with Repub­lican Christopher Nuzzi, returning Republican (and Kabot's Primary running mate) Nancy Graboski, and newcomer, Democrat Anna Throne-Holst.

Others will be watching closely to see what fences can be mended between Mrs. Kabot and the Town GOP after her ill-considered cam­paign finance "gotcha!" newspaper advertise­ment almost got her.

But everyone loves a winner, so she will be in the "power-position" as never before. The line of those who would pay tribute to the Court of Kabot forms, as does everything else headed toward Southampton now-a-days, at the Lobster Inn.


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