Down the toilet...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Down the toilet...

...with $7,000 of Westhampton Beach taxpayer money, and possibly as much as $12,000, and thank you Village Board members Hank Tucker, Patricia DiBenedetto and Junior Palmer.

But then this isn't news to anyone who pays attention to what that trio of knuckleheads has been up to over the past four months.

Fortunately Southampton Press Western Edition Editor Frank Costanza has very coolly depantsed them with what will likely be a front page story in next week's print edition:

State Comptroller Finishes Financial Assessment; Won't Audit Westhampton Beach Village Books

The essence is, that despite all the cheap political theater and double talk, led, of course by that babbling buffoon Tucker, aimed at embarrassing Mayor Conrad Teller and putting Clerk of the Village Rebecca Molinaro in an uncom­fortable position, it was all fiction.

The upshot is that the Village is being run in a professional manner by Ms. Molinaro in accordance with New York State guidlines, and the Comptroller's office failed to uncover any evidence of "the smoking gun" that Tucker, DiBenedetto and Palmer have been suggesting an audit would turn up.

It was an expensive fishing expedition witch hunt for naught, and remember that when Tucker tries to explain that he and the others had a fiduciary responsibility to Village taxpayers to track down waste and irresponsible management.

It's horse crap and was nothing more than a naked attempt to undermine the Mayor and the Village Clerk.


1. Crabby said...


Certainly an issue to be revisited before Village elections in June.

Gawd forbid that the voters make an informed decision!

2. RIRNY said...

You're right on with this one, Dean!

Thank you... but it won't make much of a difference to the dolts who keep voting for clowns like Tucker and Palmer... and Kametler before them.

3. Old Timer said...

Sooner than later the truth comes out. Looks like maybe, at long last, they are about to hang themselves... hope people will see this and vote them out... they have done nothing for the Village other than dividing everyone with their false accusations and rumors. Who is next on their list... and why???? I'd like to see the money spent added to their own tax bills. Why should we pay for their witch hunts??? Why is it that they can get away with the things they pull? Maybe it's time for some of their own medicine. Becky is a hard working honest woman, and what they did is disgusting. But she comes out smelling like a rose, and Hank and company come out smelling like what they are... a pile of BS!

Jeez, Louise! Don't hold anything back, there, Old Timer!

They do it, and get away with it, because no one gives a damn unless their own ox is gored.

But what everyone (who actually cares) needs to do is take a close look at who's behind all this... and you don't have to look too far!

4. John Romo said...

"and you don't have to look too far!" - Coming soon to a fire lane near you.

Same ol, same ol, Johnny! Except that now she's not eligible for a handicapper sticker any longer.

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