From the family archives...

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

From the family archives...

...and while I can make a guess that it was Christmas 1969 when Peggy was 3¾ years old, I couldn't begin to say where it was taken.

(My two best guesses would be Swezey's in River­head, or somewhere in the newly opened Smith Haven Mall.)

What struck me... and others as well after she posted it to her Facebook page...

Peggy and Santa the expression in Santa's eyes at the moment the photo was snapped.

If the guy behind the false beard is still with us... from the color of his nose and cheeks, his liver may have given out long ago... he may be living in one of those trailers in Riverside or Westhampton.

But isn't she a cutie!


1. Peggy Speir said...

If I was 3¾ years old I was a ginormous toddler! Geez... I was actually 7 here. I am wearing this outfit in a school photo as well. I think it was the last cool thing I ever wore.

Well, you did develop earlier than most, darling, but I'll accede to your recollection of your outfit. That would date the photo to December 1972.
– Dean

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