Well, <i>that</i> honeymoon is over!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Well, that honeymoon is over!

Vacant FedEx slab in front of the Westhampton Beach Post Office.

Walking home passed the 11978 Post Office I noticed a small slab to the East of the building's front steps, and realized that the long-standing Federal Express recepticle was missing.

Vanished... poof!

Of a curious bent, I inquired within and was told that some­thing happened several weeks ago, and that those FedEx drop-off boxes had been removed from Postal Service properties everywhere.

"Don't know why," I was told, "that's above my pay grade."

A Web search turned up nothing, so for now it's one of the immutable mysteries of the universe.

There are several local locations, however, where one can drop-off a package or envelope, including Village Graphics which is designated as a FedEx Authorized ShipCenter at the rear of Sexton Commons.


1. EastEnd68 said...

Reuters reported the contract for boxes expired in June.

FedEx also said it is preparing to remove about 5,000 drop boxes at U.S. Postal Service locations in about 340 metropolitan areas, in line with a separate agreement that expired in June.

Thanks... Gordie Howe sent that link along as well.

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