Not to be excessively maudlin...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Not to be excessively maudlin...

...with Christmas less than a week away, but cable TCM's necrology is not only especially well done this year, but it's something that the late Steve Frankfurt, my fellow film aficionado and former neighbor on Quiogue's Linden Lane, would approve of.

Steve, of course, is included (at 2:57)... along with Marvin Hamlish, Ben Gazzara, Celeste Holm, Andrew Sarris and other faces familiar in the area... among those who've left us this year.

(Unfortunately, the display is a bit fluky, so here's the direct link to the TCM page if necessary.)

Particularly appropriate for TCM, the entire necrology is framed in an abandoned drive-in movie theater over the "Wait" track from French electronic group M83.

I think Steve would've appreciated the concept.


1. Hampton West said...

Tastefully done. Very classy.

I thought so... loved the musical selection.

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