What a weird episode...

Monday, December 17, 2012

What a weird episode...

...of "Royal Pains" last evening... except that "Off-Season Greetings" was less an episode of Cable USA's hit series, than it was a two-hour-and-two-minute teleflick which did precious little to advance the continuing four-season narrative.

(The opening credits indicate that it was initially in­tended to be a two-parter, one hour each.)

It was all over the place, as the expression goes, but ap­parently not as much as originally planned.

The never made it into the final cut

As noted at the time the production company was "dressing" parts of Main Street last September, the face of the Performing Arts Center and marquee were made to look like it was 1940, and while there were multiple flash backs in last evening's episode, none when back that far.

There were numerous shots of Westhampton Beach's Main Street, and one dramatic scene inside a re-named Beach Bakery, but overall, last evening's episode was just an odd entry in the "Royal Pains" oeuvre.


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