Warning! Warning Warning!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Warning! Warning Warning!

There is a certain corner of the Ninth Circle of Hell reserved for digital miscreants...not spammers, whose niche is some­where on the Sixth Circle, but those slimewads who get their jollies sending random E-mail with embedded malware.

Had one this weekend purporting to be from FedEx, sent from "Priority Mail Service [user-481@cleveland.com]," in which upon opening one finds...

The fake FedEx notification

(The sending E-dress is a clue.)

Clicking on the "Get Postal Receipt" doesn't take you to a Website, but opens up a download window for an exe­cutable file.

This is another important clue, and if you haven't figured it out by now, this way lies disaster!

A digital rule of thumb: never download onto your computer any executable file, i.e., one you need to click on to acti­vate, unless it originates from a known and secure Website such as Adobe, Intuit or, Gawd help us!, Microsoft.

In this instance, you would not be downloading a document with which to pick-up a FedEx delivery at your local post office, but a fake antivirus program containing a worm which, without going into technical details, would play havoc with your computer and ultimately reveal a good deal of personal, sensitive information such as account numbers, passwords, etc.

(Technical Details for thems what's interested.)

FedEx is on top of the situation, as well they should be... while there has been a spate of such fake E-mails of late, it surfaced earlier this year, perhaps as early as November 2010.

Be sober and vigilant... there are those who will screw with you just because they can... and you let them.


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