The Envelopes, please...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Envelopes, please...

Berry berry busy day in the Yaphank counting house as the Absentee Ballot envelopes were opened under the strict scrutiny of legal teams from candidates whose immediate futures, not chads, hung in the sway. The beat that con­tinued was the collective pulses of the inter­ested parties as approximately 300 of the paper votes were tabulated, or not, depending on the success of the various attorneys' objec­tions... of which there were many.

Democratic Supervisor candidate Jim Henry pains­taking­ly narrowed the gap to less than 50 votes separating him from front-runner, Re­publican Linda Kabot, who went the distance in Yaphank today, as one observer termed it:

"...micro-managing everything she possibly could."

For the Southampton Town Board, Democrat Anna Throne-Holst's lead over Republican hopeful Dan Russo at this juncture has widen­ed to approximately 150 votes.

At this rate, no winner will be know until Fri­day... if by then. There are still over 440 Absentee Ballots yet to be tabulated, and they're only going to be working at it half-a-day on Thursday!


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